Roy Orbison In Death

Diary entry from Dec 6th or 7th ? 1988

Got a call from Telstar today. "did you know that Roy Orbison has died ?" no i didn't. "Well we were ringing round to see if anyone needs to stock up, we've got the Hits album on TV at the moment".

It sounds a bit sick and she was a bit embarrassed to be asking me but 'Yes we do want to stock up' and I'm glad she rang. In the next 24 hours Radio will be banging his hits out none stop and everyone will suddenly be claiming they were a lifelong fan.

By the end of the day we had sold out of every old dusty Tape, Records and ex chart Single we had in the shop. I even fished out an old budget LP from the dump bin. It's been there for months at 99p with no one showing any interest. I put a new plastic sleeve on it and stuck it back out at £2.99. It sold within the hour. I suspect this will be the album for Christmas. He popped off just in time for the Xmas Present Market. Who could have planned that one ?.

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