The first record i ever bought

When they ask famous musicians to name the first record they ever bought, they always say something like, the Beatles white album, or Pink Floyd Dark Side of the moon.
In years to come they will probably quote Radiohead Oasis or Nirvana.
In reality it was probably Mr Blobby or the Cheeky Girls, maybe Westlife or at best something by the Spice Girls.

Because unless they didn't discover music until they were 18 the chances are they were a child when the music bug caught them and it would have been something Pop or embarrassing that they dare not tell anyone about.

So here is my confession.
The first record i ever bought was either Alvin Stardust My Coo Ca Choo, or Barry Blue Dancing on a Saturday night, i can't remember which. Shhhh don't tell anyone..

In my defence i was a child, someone else went to the shop for me and i did stick a pin in the top 40 (Hit Parade) and chose anything because i wanted some records like my big brother.
But i did play them to death and i did like them. Even now they have a special place in my heart even though you may snigger.
Little pop records are a good introduction to music, i would never diss pop stars (well perhaps sometimes), it's a good starting point for a musical education and who knows after a few years you can move on to harder stuff like Bucks Fizz or Shakin Stevens.
God bless Barry Blue, if it wasn't for you i wouldn't have built up the collection i have today.

Maybe that's why all these years later this remix interested me.


Steerforth said...

The first record I bought was 'Little Willy' by the Sweet. For some reason, it hasn't become a rock classic.

Lee Garside said...

My father was a record rep throughout my early years so ended up with pretty much everything he was promoting at the time. First single that I actually remember asking him to get me though was "Kiss me" by Stephen Tin Tin Duffy. Listen to it on you tube and I defy anyone to not have it stuck in their head for the rest of the day.


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