Bow Wow Wow Your Cassette Pet

Supposedly the worlds first Cassette single, a four tracker that didn't set the charts alight reaching No 58 (UK) December 1980.

I was never a big fan of the cassette. The sound quality was terrible, it took ages to rewind the dam things and if they got damp the music sounded like it was being played underwater. You had to use Tape head cleaners constantly and every now and then your best tape got chewed up by the machine. In fact there was only one saving grace for these things and that was you could tape your own stuff, make your own compilations and nick things off the radio. I wonder what we would have made of the Digital quality audio and copying facilities we can create nowadays ?.

I only bought this for the sake of it and played it rarely, Louis Quatorze was the only track i liked and it was issued on vinyl a couple of years later reaching No 66(UK) in July 1982. I seem to remember it was a one sided single, but i can't remember. It might be better researching my subject before i start typing in future instead of doing it off the top of my head.
Anyway for your listening pleasure i give you their first hit. C30, C60, C90, Go. You would have thought this would have been a better choice for a cassette single, but no.

It does show thought how time can fog the memory. I remember it being some sort of big hit single, but in fact it only managed No34(UK) in July 1980
With possibly the worst lyrics to any single known to man. check it out here

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Hey Man, make the video available in the USA, so I can see it.


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