Britt Ekland Do it to me

A nostalgic look back through the good, bad, weird and obscure in my record collection i thought when i started this blog.
This single could be categorised as any of those four descriptions.
Quite rare I'm told and i know of no-one else who has heard it. Do it to me (once more with feeling). What can she mean ?
Britt Ekland is a Swedish actress famed for her roles in the James Bond movie The man with the golden gun, Get Carter and (my personal favourite) The Wicker man.
But did you know she made a Disco Record in 1979?
Sounding a bit like Baccara (Yes sir, i can boogie) this sold about 4 copies in the UK and i have one of them on 12" of all things.
I have included the Gatefold inner picture for entertainment value only.

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