Hi-Fi Sound Stereo Test Record

Do you remember when people cared so much about the sound quality of their 'Hi-Fi' that they actually purchased albums to help set them up and test the quality ?.
There have been many of these albums over the years and this one was mine. Not that I had any idea what the hell I was doing with it. The sound quality of Showaddywaddy-Hey Rock & Roll didn't improve much once I'd fiddled with the bass, treble and speaker positions. But I thought I was doing something.
The type of person who usually bought these albums would have spent a lot of money on their system and when they purchsed an album in the shop they had to have a look at the vinyl first. Taking it out of the sleeve and holding it up to the light to make sure there were no blemishes. Then holding it on one finger to see if there was any sign of a warp. If they weren't happy they would reject it and we'd have to get another copy out for them to check. I once had a guy check and reject 10 copies of Dire Straits Brothers in Arms before he found one that was acceptable. Only to bring it back the next day because he could hear a slight 'click' during the intro. Amazingly he was also the same customer who refused to buy a CD player because the sound was too clean !.



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