Hank Mizell - Jungle Rock 1976

Nicknamed "Hank" after the country and western singer Hank Williams, Mizell was actually called William. He recorded this track in 1958. but sadly it did nothing, even after a re-issue one year later. In fact it disappeared without trace for another 18 years until the song came to the attention of Charly Records who in th early 70s were scoring hits with re-issued classics by the likes of the Shangri-las. There was a big 50s revival going on during the 70s that ran from the Fonz on TV, Grease at the Cinema and re-issued original classics. There were even current pop groups trying to emulate the sound of the 50s with the likes of  Showaddywaddy, The Rubettes and The Darts having major chart success. But this one off re-issue of the original gave Hank Mizell a No 3 hit in March 1976. And from what i remember from my old Mobile 
DJ days this record sat in the same part of the box as the Locomotion, Hi Ho Silver Lining and various other 'guaranteed to get the party going' records i can play, if nothing else seems to be working.
If it wasn't for You Tube i don't think i could honestly say i'd remember what he looked like. And i've never heard him sing it live, so this is a treat.

By the way, If there is one thing I miss about the sad decline in vinyl sales. It's the look, feel, smell and sound of it. And if there is one type of music that highlights the fact that something is missing its this type of music.

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