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In the UK the BBC has over the years had an obligation as a public service broadcaster to transmit public service information films.

There have been hundreds of them and some are quite famous.
I remember many from my childhood and every now and then they still broadcast the odd one.

However, looking back, many of these films seem quite ridiculous now. They tend to be talking down to idiots who spend their lives sticking screw drivers into light sockets or walking across the road without looking.
Lots of them are about petty little nothings and others appeal only to children.
One or two look like they are trying to scare the living daylights out of the viewer and others are just weird.
So every now and then i would like to add a few of my favourite Crap public information films to this blog.

Starting with this one from 1974. I didn't realise so many people owned Bikes in the 70`s.
Watch out for "I'd rather not say what's in the saddlebag, it's personal..."

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