Howard Jones Live at the Marquee

I may have filed Howard Jones in the ‘Electronic/New Romantic’ section of my record collection, but i can’t honestly say he ever really sat very well alongside Visage, OMD, Depeche Mode or even the Human League.

He just looked and sounded like a pop act to me. And this all seemed to be confirmed when he appeared on Top of the Pops with a mime act prancing around in the background whilst he sang at the camera sporting a mass of dyed blond spiky hair looking like an ugly sister reject from Bananarama. In my book he was most uncool. Not that I was ever cool myself. In fact the very use of the word cool makes me sound uncool, so let's drop the cool comparison shall we ?.

Mr Jones screamed out of my telly as the type of pop act that record companies jump on and fiddle about with in an attempt to try and fit them into the latest sound that just so happens to be selling well at the moment.

'Sythns sounds are selling right now, He plays a synth, so let's sign him'
Its like trying to turn Mcfly into the Arctic Monkeys.

Saying that, ‘New Song’, his first track, release in September 1983 was catchy. So I did find myself buying all the following singles, as well as a couple of albums. (Humans Lib - 1984 & Dream into action - 1985). In fact he had at least a Dozen top 20 hits and still has a good following nearly 30 years later. So perhaps i'm being a little harsh.
The biggest hits were probably New Song and What is love. I seem to remember that this Ltd Edition single 'Live at the Marquee' came free with the 12" version of What is Love and even though i've probably only played it no more than two or three times, and it looks practicaly mint in condition, i've tried and failed to flog it on several occasions. Never mind, for me the one single that stood out as less pop and bit more experimental was Hide and seek. I still like it, it's a bit depressing, but when your young you like a bit of depression don't you ?. I think he was trying to sound like Japan (ghosts).

He's still touring today 27 years later....(gulp!). He's had a haircut, wrote some new songs, Got an album out (Ordinary Heros)and there's even a new single available to download.

Howard Jones : Website : Myspace : New Album : New Single

As usual oldies radio tends to stick with the big hits and ignores all the other stuff.
So here’s a trip down memory lane

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Anonymous said...

Did the New Model Army drummer play on this record , I think he was in Nicks band for a short while .


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