Now Thats what i call music 4 CD

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m skint again, so it’s time to get back on eBay and start selling my life away.
I’ll never know the value of anything I put up for sale anymore. Things I thought would sell for huge amounts just sit there for a week with no one showing any interest.
But records I post for the sake of it, sell for pounds.

The first surprise this year came with this. Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight.
A CD single from 1985.
On sale for 99p, sold for £17.00 plus P&P

Well thinking about it logically, in 1985 CDs were fairly new. CD Singles were even newer. It's obvious really.
The most expensive thing i ever sold was Now That's what i call music 4 on Compact Disc. I worked in a shop at the time of it's release and had just bought my first ever CD player. This was a time when the Now series itself was a fairly new idea. Everyone bought the vinyl or cassette but nobody bothered with this weird new format that cost me £15.99 for half the album. I remember being disappointed with it myself, It only had 15 tracks on it, and most of them weren't the best off the album so what a rip off!.

I had ordered it specially as well, we only ever stocked three !!. In the end it went unplayed for most of it's life and just gathered dust on a shelf.

In 1984 there were problems securing artist rights to release their product on new formats like Compact Discs. It's what kept the Beatles entire back catalogue off the CD shelves for so many years and why Virgin/EMI couldn't release a full CD version of this Double compilation album.
Add to that the fact that it cost £15.99 for one, so imagine how much they would have had to charged for a double ?.
Anyway who would have thought that all these years later the series of Now albums would still be going. At the time of writing this post we are waiting for Now 75 and there are people who collect them all.

So imagine this, The first ever now album to be released on Compact Disc, at a time when they printed and sold very few. It's the Holy Grail of Now CDs and i owned it.
I started the bidding at £5.00, not realising. I suspected something was going on when it jumped to £40 in 24 hours and someone asked if the box had 'patent pending' stamped into the plastic (it did).
It eventually sold for about £ 350
If only i could find something else like that. It's a one off. But if you own a copy yourself i suggest you burn it onto your I-Pod, and then flog it.

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