The Parting shot

Where did it all go wrong ?.
Near the end of a successful career when once you had No 1 singles and now you're struggling to make the top 30, it's sometimes possible to tell that things are going pear shape by the sleeve of your latest single.
I have noticed when looking back through my collection that there are a few tell tale signs. What once looked cool and trendy, now just looks ridiculous. Unfortunately this was 1982, only a year after Come on Eileen. Apart from a re-issue of Celtic Soul Brothers and a 1986 theme tune to Brush Strokes (remember that ?) this was Dexys Final fling. I think it's the Whistle Flute thing that was the final nail in the coffin for me. That's if you ignore the hair, the cloths, no socks, beard, cravat, rolled up overalls, pumps..........

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