My love of all things Crap

Some of you may or may not know that i have a love of all things crap. I don't just mean any old crap, I'm talking stuff that is so cringe worthy bad that it suddenly moves from rubbish into the realms of genius.
I have many old records that were obviously recorded in all seriousness but now sound abominable.
The only rule of thumb is that they must never be intentionally funny. It's important that whoever sang the song, took the photo or made the film did it in all seriousness and had no idea how bad it would turn out.
Here for instance is a small example. I will include more as i go along so be warned.
I'm not 100% sure but i assume this is the same Raphael who represented Spain in the euro vision song contest in the 60`s.
You will either get it or you won't

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