The 1970s Working Mens Club

The Late 70s, early 80s. The Comedians, Opportunity Knocks, Search for a star.
Variety was king, but Working men’s Clubs in the North of England were nearing the end of their hay day.

My Parents considered it essential to spend at least one night a week at these places and who could blame them ?.
Bingo, Pie & Peas, Cheap Beer, snooker, darts, dominoes, a raffle, one arm Bandit and some top class entertainment.
They could sit in the same seat at the same table, week in, week out, with all their friends, filling an ashtray to Mount Everest proportions whilst supping lager & Lime and watching such legendary acts as Huff & Puff, Soya & Bean, Rivers & Rhodes and the hilarious Corky Todd & Bobby Elmut. These two Cards contain a full list of future attractions. Classic 70s Clubland acts. LOL

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Mondo said...

Have you picked this CD up a comp of cabaret and club performer it's one of my most played comps - Working Man's Soul


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