Emperor Rosko

I seem to have an alarming amount of records made by Deejays.
Most of them are comedy or novelty records of course, but not all.
If you are under 30 this post will probably mean nothing to you because you may not know who I’m talking about.

For the rest of you Emperor Rosko (real name Mike Pasternak)was a DJ who Broadcast on BBC Radio one in the 70`s and based his presentation style of Wolfman Jack.

I can’t think of any other presenter who sounded like him on mainstream UK radio back then, so he was like a breath of fresh air to me. I loved his delivery and American style Jingles and whilst others were spinning Gary Glitter and the Osmonds, his playlist  seemed to include far more “hip” and trendy soul classics.
With the possible exception of Friday night when he hosted Roskos Round Table. A weekly review of new releases with famous guests spouting their opinion on forthcoming releases.

He released several Atlantic Souls Classic compilation albums and the track listings included some of the greatest records ever made with such artists as Aretha Franklin to Otis Redding.
They were segued together like a radio show & presented by Rosko himself complete with Jingles and all.

I’m not sure his style has stood the test of time, to be honest I think I would find him slightly annoying nowadays, but it does bring back good memories and the music included on these albums are still stunning to this day.

A sample of his presentation style from the albums is included below.


Paul Thornton said...

Trying to find a reggae album with Rosko sleeve notes, think it was Radio London compilation.... any ideas?

Michael said...

Mmm. I'll have to think about that one. I know he had connections with Trojan Records. A massive London Based Reggae Label. In fact he even release a version of al Capone on Trojan from memory. (See You Tube, it's bound to be on there)
They also released many Excelent compilation albums so you may want to start from there. I'll do a bit of asking around and get back if I find out.
Anyone else reading this please let us know or post here.


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