The other hit Strawberry Switchblade

If you are an avid record collector you will know that it's fairly easy to buy the big hits. All those greatest hits and best of albums are everywhere. And they have the added bonus of including the lesser hits as well. The one that only reached no 60 or something like that.
But what if the artist or group didn't have enough hits to warrant a compilation of their own ? and you don't fancy buying the one album they ever released for only two tracks you know and love ?. Answer, you have to search through those various artist best of the 80`s type compilation things or perhaps the Now that's what i call music series.

Getting that one big hit isn't so bad, but finding the other hit can be a bugger. The one that you sort of remember, but no-one else does until they hear it.

This is Strawberry Switchblade. Rose Mcdowell and Jill Bryson. A mid 80s duo from Scotland who most people remember for the excellent Since Yesterday. a top 5 hit in the UK in November 1985.

They had three runs at the charts, a cover version of Dolly Partons Jolene scraped in at No53, and this one, Let her Go which i thought wan't bad and assumed would be a top 10 follow up to Since yesterday. In fact it did even worse than Jolene and stalled at 59 in March 1985.

If you fancy the album you can buy it here. and there is a Website here.

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