Wages of sin

I found this amongst some old documents and bits of paper the other day.

A wage slip from my youth. I think you get more than that for sitting on your bum nowadays. But you could buy a 12" single for 79p back then and I'm pretty sure the vast majority of that cash was turned into vinyl.
It certainly didn't go on cloths judging by the picture i found with it.
When i look at my record collection now i note that 1981 was probably the year i spent the most amount of money on music. I seem to have bought anything and everything.

There was a time when i owned the entire top 40 every week. Just buying the new entries and a few of the new releases each Friday when i got paid. It didn't matter what the new entries were, Depeche Mode-Just Can't get enough or Joe Dolce-Shaddap you face, because i, like an idiot, bought it. I was playing at being a DJ at the time so i did have an excuse i suppose. Although i never remember mixing Soft Cell Tainted Love with Julio Iglesias Begin the Beguine so what the bloody hell did i buy that for ?. All that money up in smoke.

Worth every penny.

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Joanne Casey said...

The UK Government: robbing people...since 1981 (and before)


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