Spinning Rock Boogie Rockabilly

It's amazing how over 30 years later you can still remember when and where you heard a record for the first time.

Paul Burnett was the lunchtime DJ on BBC Radio One and he played this a lot. Usually after 'Fun at One', a section of his show where he aired a comedy record at 1pm daily.

I initially thought this was some kind of Stan Freburg thing with comedy sound effects and over the top guitar playing.

He sounds like he's on something or trying to finish the recording before they throw him out of the studio because his time it up.

In the mid 70`s in the UK there was a rash of Rockabilly revival records from the likes of Hank Mizell- Jungle Rock and Matchbox-Midnight Dynamos.

As much as i liked it, this instrumental always stood out as being a bit weird to me.

Hank C. Burnette - Spinning Rock Boogie
Reached No 21(UK)
Oct 1976
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Fred said...

Sven-Åke Högberg a.k.a Hank C. Burnette recored this one in his studio at home in Nyköping, Sweden. BTW, the alias was created to salute Hank (Williams), C(het Akins) and (Johnny) Burnette :)

Michael said...

Thanks Fred, I've had this record for 33 years and never knew that.
You learn something every day

Fred said...

Yeah, know the feeling :)

In case U R intrested, here's the URL to Hank's youtube chanel:



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