10,000 Maniacs Limited Edition Elephant Pack

You don't get this sort of thing with an MP3 do you ?.
Oh for the days of the "special pack" with a weird idea from some promotions person put into practice and sold to the record buying public. You can just imagine the moment someone in a smoke filled room came up with this one.

I wonder what they were smoking at the time?. But i love it anyway. It must have cost a fortune to make but it certainly does it for me. LOL.
Sadly the idea didn't work. It wasn't a hit, in fact it didn't even reach the top 75 here in the UK. Does that make this thing rare and worth a fortune?.

I doubt it.

10,000 Maniacs - Trouble me
Including Party of gods Featuring Billy Bragg
1989 Elektra Records Cat No EKR 93 CDX

1 comment:

Matt said...

Watch the video for Hateful Hate, another song from the album Blind Man's Zoo. I think you'll understand from where the idea for the elephant case came.


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