Swing Out Sister Piano Pack

Another delve into my pile of "special edition" promotional packs that must have cost a fortune but didn't work.
I think it's supposed to be a "Grand" piano LOL.
It wasn't a hit. Maybe people just could work out how to file this away with all their other CDs.

Swing Out Sister - Forever blue
1989 Fontana Records Cat No SWICD83
(wasn't a hit)


Windhaming said...

I have the same one - signed by Corrine and Andy on one of the late 90's tours. It's worth a fortune to me, and even Corrine said it was rare when she signed it. There were however 3000 made, which makes it not extremely rare. Thanks for posting yours.

t3st3r6uy said...

One of my favorite Swing Out Sister songs, despite not being a hit :-)


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