Doctor & the Medics Featuring Roy Wood- Waterloo

It's amazing what you can find on U-Tube isn't it ?. Yes it's the Abba Classic and yes it's Roy Wood from the Move and Wizzard. In fact this just sounds like Wizzard covering Abba. But i post it because i am sick of people referring to Doctor and the Medics as one hit wonders
Ok the other two didn't exactly set the charts alight but Burn reached No 29 in Aug 1986 and This one peaked at 45 in November of the same year.
I thought they were OK. Fun, Didn't take themselves to seriously and above all entertaining.
A Bit like Wizzard in fact.
Personally i don't think it worked because they looked like goths, but enjoyed themselves and looked far to happy to appeal to real ones. LOL
Dr & the Medics Ft Roy Wood - Waterloo

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