WEA 1986 Dealer Price List

I've been looking through some old paperwork from my Record shop days. I still can't bring myself to throw most of it away. But i thought some of it would be interesting to post. So get ready for lots of Record Shop nostalgia that will be of no interest to Record collectors but might be worth a look for anyone who actually worked behind a counter during the 80s or 90s.

Ill try to do one a day for a couple of weeks. It might interest someone, you never know.

Starting with an old WEA Records catalogue, complete with Dealer price list and (in pencil) the price they were sold for.

For your information this catalogue lists some new release sheets at the back that include Prince- Parade, Hits 4, Anita Baker - Rapture and Simply Red - Picture Book (also available on Picture Disc).


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