Records don't have to be round

A one hit wonder from the 70s. Richard Myhill - It Takes two to tango. I know practically nothing about this man. In fact i don't even know what he looks like.
However on doing a little research via the net i find that he went on to produce singles and albums from the likes of Hazel Dean, Matchbox, The Piranhas, & Duran Duran as well as releasing a follow up single called While London Dances.
Obviously this all comes via the web so i could be talking rubbish here, if you know better let me know.
I bought this single because it was Square, so marketing does work. In the late 70's through the 80s releasing music in imaginative ways that had absolutely nothing to do with the record seemed to be a big thing. I'm not sure why this single is square. It's a Tango not a square dance, but hey it got him in the top 20, reaching No 17(UK) April 1978.
That's 31 years ago for anyone who remembers it. (eek)
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Mondo said...

I bought this at the time (after seeing it on a Saturday morning kids show) - but ended up with the round version and was too shy to say I wanted a square one (they'd run out anyway) . I think I bought at the same time as Elton's least remembered record 'Ego'

EuropeCrazy said...

Of course I remember this!! Funny coincidence is that the other week I was doing 1978 on Retro Saturday and I thought of this one. Didn't buy it though, probably taped it off the radio :)) Record buying was great fun back in those days with all the coloured vinyl, flexidiscs etc.

Mondo - funny you should mention "Ego" - I liked that at the time too.


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