1980s Video

I've been having a bit of a tidy round and found a HUGE box of old video cassettes.
Like everyone else i was tempted to throw them in the bin. But i once read in a magazine that before you do you should first take a look near the end of each tape.

Every time videos were used, most people first rewound the tape back to the beginning before recording. So the end bit didn't always get wiped.
This means that the last 30 minutes of a videos could contain recordings of old crap from years ago that might be interesting to see now.
So here is a bit of the first tape i picked up. 15 minutes from the end of the cassette and after a rubbish film recorded on long play, a trip down memory lane. From sometime in the mid 80s as far as i can make out. More to follow i suspect, watch this space.
Nice to see the MFI Sale was still on.


Lee said...

More please :)
Sometimes do this myself, watch a really old recorded film and fast forward to see the advert breaks.

Anonymous said...

I still own the MFI newspaper rack as shown in the ad !
Did not know it was that old , or it it me that is .


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