Jacko & ET

I’ll never have any money me, even when I have things of value I stupidly throw them away, Sell them off cheap, or keep them too long.
I had two copies of the world first CD Single, Dire Straits - Brothers in arms. It was valued at £150 at one point. But then Dire Straits are not exactly hot at the moment are they? And I can see CDs going the way of 78s soon so I’ll be lucky to flog them for a quarter of that amount now.

I was once offered £50.00 for an unreleased special mix of Bros - I owe you nothing. Admittedly from a Bros fan and this was 20 years ago. But stupidly I decided to keep it. What a burk. I probably couldn’t’ give it away now. Oh, and by the way, the reason why it was an unreleased mix was because A. it sampled lots of house tracks without permission, and B, it was crap.
E-bay has destroyed the value of rare records anyway. When in the past you had to search every second hand record shop and market stall you could to find one of perhaps 20 copies of a rare track still out there. Now all 20 are up for sale at the same time in the same place on the internet, which makes it look less rare and far easier to get your hands on.

My latest stupid throwaway came earlier this year when I decide to clear out some of my Michael Jackson stuff. After all, he wasn’t exactly the big thing any more was he? I even envisaged his records being as popular as Gary Glitters when he died and all the crap started come out about his past life, So I thought I may as well flog some of this stuff off on e-bay now.

Then the bugger died and I wish I had saved them just that little bit longer. 30 bloody years I’ve had some of this stuff, and no sooner do I offload them than he pops his clogs and I’m down on the deal.
Ok perhaps Michael Jackson himself came off slightly worse than I did, but how much do you think things like this would be worth now? Promos, special editions, coloured vinyls...... Don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know.

Anyway this album includes actual audio from the movie and the whole story narrated by Michael Jackson himself, as well as two exclusive unreleased (at the time) songs, a full 12" size book and gigantic poster.
Sample Audio here -

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the saucer people said...

Wow, Jacko narrates ET! I am astonished I never came across this gem before an unfortunately I still haven't as the link is dead!
You know whats coming next...da...da...da "anychance of a repost?"!

Also I originally came onto your blog through another blogs's post on the Burundi Steiphenson "Burundi Black" track (utter genius single that still sounds wonderful thirty years later) and you left a comment saying you had a godawful Rusty Egan remix of this track - but had a search and cannot find it - did you take the link down and if so would you be willing to do some MP3 swaps for it, as a child of the seventies/eighties I a sure I will have some stuff you would like.


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