Call the Cops

Fall out was the first ever single release by the Police.

Unfortunately for a short period of time i went through a stage where i threw the cover away and put my singles into 7" Card Sleeves (AAArrrrrggggh what was i thinking ?) but at the same time i wrote the date i added it to my collection on the cover.
This one says 23-11-1977.
So that's nearly a year before Roxanne hit the charts and the Police hit the big time.
It never appeared on any studio albums but has appeared on the odd compilation and was reissued in 1979 where it reached no 47(UK) in November.
This track was written by Stewart Copeland and it's funny to note i listed it as "Punk/New Wave" LOL
Who would have thought it, "Punk" singer Sting records Spread a little happiness and Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten appears in a commercial selling Butter.
What is the world coming to?

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