Why did i buy that record ?

If you have been collecting records as long as i have the chances are that there will be the odd one or two amongst of them that are slightly embarrassing and perhaps make you wonder what the hell you were doing buying them in the first place.
I have an alarming amount of singles like this. They are not even funny crap, they are just crap type crap.
Let me introduce you to some of them.
If anyone can explain to me why i bought a single by the acapella group the Kings Singers, warbling a song about the changing of BBC radio Frequencies in the mid 70s i would be much obliged. To make this ever so slightly worse, i also own another by Jock Swan & The Meters singing about the changing of Radio ones Medium Wave frequency from 247 meters to 275 & 285. I've always thought i was a bit odd i suppose, but this just confirms it.
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Mondo said...

Love it - I'll have to dig out a few of my howlers


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