How much is your record collection worth ? (A Pop Quiz)

As i continue to sell my life away on E-bay i find flogging old CD's & Vinyl is a bit like gambling. Or perhaps i should say 'playing a game of Russian roulette'. The value of music has plummeted so much over the years that i seem to have no idea nowadays what is rare and collectable and what is worthless.

This means that i either waste money trying to flog stuff that no-one is interested in or i suddenly find i've quite clearly undervalued an item because 30 people are watching it and are waiting to pounce in the last 30 seconds before the auction ends, just to get it as cheap as possible.

Anyway this brings me to a great new pop quiz for you.
Every now and then i'll show you 4 items i've listed to sell at some point. All you have to do is guess which one went for the most amount of money and which sold for the least (or perhaps didn't sell at all). I'll post the values tomorrow in the comments section below with a short description of the interest shown by bidders.

You might find it interesting if you yourself own some of these records and are thinking of flogging them (or throwing them away). All are listed as "Used" and "in Excellent condition, both Sleeve and Vinyl/CD" as well as being originals from the time of release, not re-issues or re pressings. It's always a gamble of course and i could have got different prices at a different times, but this is how much i got when i tried selling them.

Queen-One Vision 12", Awesome 3-Hard up CD single, Jean-Michel Jarre-Zoolookologie 12" and Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson-Say say say 12".

I'll give you a clue with these first four. Three sold, one didn't.

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1 comment:

Michael said...

McCartney & Jackson - Nothing
Jean-Michel Jarre - £9.40
Queen - £11.82
Awesome 3 £13.27


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