What a performance

We are being pestered at work by the performing rights society to get a licence for playing Radio One over an old fashioned Radiogram to 4 staff.
Two Letters, two phone calls, and a threat that they could turn up to check at any time and if we are caught playing music that is heard by members of the public as well the charge will be even more.

Music licences for playing in staff only areas start at £ 44.00 a year (plus vat) for 4 employees or less, so even if there are only two of you that's still £44.00(plus vat), although we are covered for live bands should U2 drop by.
To me radio is just one mass commercial for their music anyway and they charge radio stations for the privilege of playing these little commercials. But fairs fair, these radio stations are making money out of it as well, commercial radio from commercials, BBC from a licence fee, so why not ?.
But to then charge the listener for the privilege of listening to it at work as well ?.

I'm not sure whether they are trying to corner the market in sound itself or are just getting greedy, but all the boss will do it turn the radio off. And they wonder why they are hated so much.

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Vodka Logic said...

Does seem a bit of a stretch to make 4 people pay to listen to the radio. How about an ipod on a stereo system?



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